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Niah’s Birthday

on December 17, 2013

Niah had her 7th birthday in November. She is hard to shop for. She is an animal lover, I am not….

So after LOTS and LOTS of thinking and pondering and looking, we got Niah a Hermit Crab. She loves it!

We had to celebrate her birthday in the morning because we are just busy in the evenings. So Scott went to work late and we had a BIG breakfast and presents and cupcakes all before 10am.

My weak attempt at making the Webkinz symbol. Jaime and Alix helped too. I love having older girls that want to help and do it well!

Niah’s birthday landed on a Tuesday so she went to Activity Days and had a little birthday celebration there too.

She wanted a Webkinz cake but settled for cupcakes when she realized she could share with her friends at Activity Days.

My favorite things about Niah:

Thanks Steve and Joy!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

-She is a good reader

-She LOVES animals. She has such a big heart when it comes to any of God’s creations in the animal kingdom

Herb the Hermit Crab bought by her siblings because they pooled their money.

-She takes the gospel seriously. She asks questions and tries hard to memorize scriptures and articles of faith.

-She is athletically inclined. She is a good swimmer, bike rider and can hold her own on a basketball court.

She loves to be goofy!

-She is a good friend. She loves to make new friends and helps others feel welcome.

-She is a good cleaner!!

Love you Niah!

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