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April 2016

on August 26, 2016

April was the “start” of busy for us. Ok we are busy anyway, but April really took busy to a new level!!

-Jaime was in the thick of school, working 2 jobs, dance classes, helping to plan girls camp as a YCL and helping with home stuff. Jaime also received her patriarchal blessing. Such a special experience for her and for us.

-Alix was in the thick of school, swim team, working two jobs and helping out at home.

-Milo was in the thick of school, merit badges, swim team, babysitting the Gilstrap boys and his home assignments.

-Niah was happily working on her school work, doing swim team and a HUGE help watching Lincoln.

-Afton was happily working on school work, enthusiastically doing swim team and helping with Lincoln and home assignments.

-Keri was doing her school work, dance class and swim team.

-Sami was fulfilling her volunteer assignments as co-pres of the swim team, governance council for COIL, planning stake girls camp, homeschooling, babysitting and whatever else she signed herself up for.

-Scott worked and worked and worked to stay out of the way!! :o)

I think the hardest part about this month was finding out that my brother has cancer. It was a blow and it was very hard to focus on much even though I had so much to focus on. I’ve known quite a few people who have had family members with cancer, but until I had to experience it for myself I did not realize how hard it really is.

All in all a super busy month with NO pictures taken all month. We didn’t really do anything picture worthy apparently. :o)

One Response to “April 2016”

  1. Denita says:

    So sorry about your brother. I will add you both to my prayers. Also- Jaime got her patriarchal blessing!!! How special.

    PS You are such an extravert. I don’t know how you do it all.