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Sharing Time

on February 28, 2016

I love doing sharing time. One of my favorite things about sharing time is getting to hear what the kids have to say and being blown away at their gospel knowledge. We even have some kids that come to primary that don’t get a lot of gospel instruction at home because their parents aren’t members. But they still know it. They still feel it. They understand they are children of God.

Today’s sharing time was particularly wonderful to me. I didn’t do anything grand. I followed the outline in the sharing time book put out by the church. I didn’t have hand outs or props or any fancy do dads. I just had an empty jar and some little soft pom poms. After picking a pom pom, the kids would tell me why a certain part of God’s plan brings them joy or happiness. Then they put their pom pom into the jar and picked up another pom pom.

Both Jr. and Sr. primary filled that jar! They really got into it and really had a grasp of the gospel. When asked what part of pre mortal life fills them with joy a 7 year old answered ‘living with God daily’. Another child (6) said ‘being with my family before coming to earth.’ I found it very humbling how much these young children know and understand. They know who they are.

It is our job as parents, teachers and mentors to make sure the world does not convince them otherwise. They are children of God and they know it.

It was a truly inspiring sharing time today. Amazing really.

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