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November Highlights

-Scott went to Utah for the weekend

-Lots of babysitting gigs for Jaime and Alix

-We realized that Milo’s appliance was broken and had to go to S.F. too many times!!

-Scott spent 5 days in Austin Texas for work

-Basketball started for Alix and Milo

-We got the stomach flu! It ripped through this family pretty fast over the course of 10 days.


-COLD weather

-Niah’s Birthday

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Our Wood project

Last year we had our fireplace cleaned and inspected and used the fireplace about half the time to keep our house warm. This year we really wanted to be more budget conscious and wanted to try and use it more. We were chatting with our good friend Bryon about this and he said he gets free wood all the time and would let us know when he got some. So one day he calls and the next thing we know we have a pile almost to the top of our garage door and takes up half our driveway. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thompson Halloween Costume 2013

We had so much fun doing Halloween this year. A little crazier than usual since we lost all of September. But it turned out GREAT. The kids helped A LOT with their costumes this year as did Scott with his. Read the rest of this entry »


October Overview

October went by way too fast!! Here are some highlights from our month.

-Since we now had insurance EVERYONE had an eye appointment and dental appointment. Talk about being busy!!

-Alix gave her first talk as a young woman in sacrament meeting.

-Alix got to participate in her first ward temple trip to do baptisms.

-Auntie Sara came to visit for a day.

-I made Halloween costumes for everyone.

-We won the family Halloween costume contest.

-I got called into the Primary Presidency.

-We enjoyed doing (and finally finishing) our “wood project”.

-We had a mild cold/flu go through the family. Runny noses, sneezing, fever etc. Lots of movie watching!

-I definitely didn’t rest as much but still tried to say no when I was doing too much.

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Afton’s 7th Birthday

With all the craziness of September, we somehow managed to make Afton’s birthday special for her. She’s pretty easy to please and I appreciated her patience with all that was going on around her birthday. I’m also grateful that I was given the strength to do the things I was able to do for her.

Afton’s new favorite homecooked meal is BBQ pizza. So I made that for her for her birthday. She also wanted a strawberry cake. So I got strawberry flavored cake mix and frosting and made her a strawberry cake. I hear it all tasted fabulous! Read the rest of this entry »

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E.R. again??


September 14 was suppose to be a busy Saturday. I was feeling pretty confident and ready to head out into the world and attend a baby shower for a friend. Scott and Milo were going to go on a hike with the scouts. Our 3 younger kids were going to someones house for the day and Jaime and Alix were going to go earn some money cleaning house for a friend. Read the rest of this entry »


Life Changing

Have you ever had a life changing experience. I mean a real one. One that you can look back on and say you’ve never been the same since and you have changed. Really changed in your heart? Well, I guess it was time for mine. I’ve had a lot of experiences in my life that have made me think differently and maybe change an action or two, but to change my heart, I’ve never had an experience like that. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cleaning House

So there comes a time in everyone’s life that they just need to clean house. I had been feeling like this for some time. We’ve been in our house close to 6 years and things were just piling up. I was ready. We started with the garage. We’ve cleaned the garage many times so I was ready to really clean the garage and purge. Read the rest of this entry »