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She emerges….

on July 31, 2015

On Scott’s birthday (March 4) we were sitting around at the end of the day chatting about different birthdays that Scott has had over the years since our marriage. The kids were asking all kinds of questions and so I suggested we get out the family journal. We proceeded to read every entry since the first year of our marriage. Know what???

We had TONS of fun. But I also had a reality check. There was NO ENTRY for 2014. I had not written one entry in our family journal for more than a year. HOW SAD. Even worse than that?? We couldn’t remember what we did. It had only been a year but we had already forgotten.

That night I vowed I would start the next evening doing consistent blog entries.

Now we are at July 31 and I STILL haven’t written one bit of history about this family. **sigh**

I have TONS of really good excuses but the biggest one is this: I have to start where I left off and that is daunting. So I’ve put my OCD in check and will only blog about July 2015. If I happen to find another corner of time when I can do June I will and so forth. But for now, we’ll start with July and move forward. I’m not making any big promises here, but I’d like to do at least a monthly entry. **sigh** Only time will tell.

One Response to “She emerges….”

  1. Denita says:

    Yay! Yayayayayayayayayay!! I’ll pledge to be more consistent too. So glad you are back!! Miss you soooooooo much!! Can’t wait for the updates to begin! (But no pressure, I get it!)